TV Series: 91 Days

91 Days

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91 Days
TV Series
Released Year:
Summer 2016
Action, Drama, Historical
R - 17+


Set during the Prohibition time at Lawless, Illinois, the story is about Angelo Lagusa's revenge to the mafia family who brutally murdered his family. During his birthday on April of 1921, Angelo Lagusa saw the murder of his whole family at his young age by a mafia family known as the Vanetti Family. Angelo was the only survivor of the event and left his hometown and his childhood friend Corteo to escape from the Vanetti Family.

Seven years later, he received an anonymous letter claiming that the sender is a close friend of his deceased father, revealed the identities of the murderers of his family. The sender told him to go back at Lawless to exact his revenge. Feeling lost and empty for several years, Angelo (now living as Avilio Bruno) finally have a reason to live. He came back at Lawless and helped Corteo sells his newly formulated brew called "Lawless Heaven" to the mafia family. He used this as a stepping stone to infiltrate the Vanetti Family. During the tension between the Vanetti family with their nemesis Orco Family, he was able to befriended the Don's Son of the Vanetti Family, Nero Vanetti and killed one of his target, Vanno Clemente.

As the story progresses, the Vanetti Family starts to fall a part as Nero was exiled and was attempted to be killed by his own brother, Frio to please the Galassia Family who spreads their influence in neighboring towns and cities. Avilio notices the discrepancy on the letter he received when Nero unknowingly confessed to him what happened seven years ago. It was revealed that there are 4 people are involved on the massacre. Meanwhile, the pressure on the Vanetti Family intensify as the Galassia Family named Frate as the next Don of the Vanetti's although it was quite clear that he's being manipulated by Ronaldo, his brother-in-law from the Galassia Family. Frate then attempts to kill his older brother Nero due to his insecurity.

With the help of Nero and Avilio, Fango becomes the new Don of the Orco Family. Later on Avilio deceived Nero and Fio (Nero's younger sister) killed husband Ronaldo and he set up Nero to kill Frate. After Frate's death, Nero officially became the next Don of the Vanetti Family. Corteo become so worried at Avilio and makes a deal with Fango to become a spy on Nero's whereabouts. These lead to more problems as the Vanetti Family is after him and they may become suspicious of Avilio's motives. Corteo killed Fango when the latter deceived him by finding the secret recipe of his "Lawless Heaven" and ties to hand him to the Vanetti Family. Avilio learned the identity of his fourth target when Corteo was abducted.

Nero assigned Avilio to meet up with the Galassia Family at Chicago for a business deal but on the way he took Corteo with him to his hometown before going to Chicago. When he returned to Lawless, he was accussed by Barbero of helping Corteo. Corteo unexpectedly shows up to save Avilio. To clear his name from Nero's suspicion, Avilio was forced to kill his childhood friend. Killing his friend left a great impact to Avilio's mind and actions.
On the grand opening of the playhouse, Avilio killed the Don of the Galassia Family making a war between the Vanetti and the Galassia. Nero finally learned the truth about Avilio's identity from his dying father. In the end of his revenge, three of his targets died leaving Nero alive to suffer the same fate he experienced after losing his own family. While of the members of the Vanetti Family are being hunted by the Galassia's, Nero and Avilio went to see the Atlantic Ocean. Nero was seen travelling alone emphasizing that he had killed Avilio.

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